About Aakdewin

I am a young(ish) Indigenous woman, political science student, activist, artist…. and now a blogger I suppose.

This blog is meant to inform Indigenous and non-Indigenous people about the damaging effects of colonialism (such as residential schools, the sixties scoop and many others) to share stories of resilience and discuss a path forward.

In this blog, I will include blogs converted from my academic essays, reflections, book reviews, poetry and art. I will also be promoting other Indigenous artists, professionals and events. I will be mixing in articles and videos relating to Indigenous people, communities and nations.  My primary focus will be Indigenous people and environmental issues of Turtle Island, but at times I will post articles about Indigenous people from other places in the world.  There will also be videos of animals being cute from time to time.

If you are an Indigenous person who finds any information in my blog upsetting, please know that there are many people who care about your experience and about you.  I care, that is why I started this blog.

If you are an Indigenous person who finds the information about the residential school system in this blog distressing, please call the Indian Residential School Crisis line at 1-866-925-4419.  Feel free to comment on the blog as well – your opinions matter.

Everyone is free to disagree with my opinions but racist and/or inflammatory language in comment sections will not be tolerated out of respect for my readers.

Feel free to follow me here and on Twitter if you like this blog.
On Twitter you can find me at  @Aakdewin_Kwe
You can email me at aakdewin@hotmail.com


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